Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tweezerman Review

Good morning everyone! I have a review of some neat Tweezerman products that were sent to me today. Let me tell you, I was totally not expecting the awesomeness that I received! When I opened up the box, this is what I found...

This awesome fold up case houses all the products that I was to review. This is a great case; there are tons of little pockets for all sorts of tools, as well as a large zippered pouch on the right hand side. The top piece folds down before you fold the entire thing up so nothing can slip out and get lost! 

The first tool that I tried out was the nail clippers. They came in two sizes: the larger one cuts straight across and is meant for toenails (but you could easily use it to cut your nails straight instead of filing them!) and the smaller one is rounded and meant for finger nails.  This first photo is meant to show you the cool zebra etching on the handles and the second photo shows you the shape of the clipping edge.

I used the toenail clippers the last time I gave myself a pedi and they worked great. They clip cleanly and with minimal effort. The only issue I had was that the top piece was a little difficult to maneuver into clipping position, but I think that is only a problem because they are new and they should loosen up a bit with more use. 

These tweezers are INCREDIBLE. I knew Tweezerman made great tweezers but I've actually never tried them until now. I swear I will never use anything else. And luckily, I won't have to, since Tweezerman offers a free sharpening program on their products!

The design is really cute as well. These two photos show the two different sides of the same pair of tweezers. If I'm not mistaken, Tweezerman is based in New York, so it's really neat that they included what I'm assuming is the NYC skyline on their product. 

Up next is the Pushy, a double ended cuticle pusher. One ended is rounded and one is squared to accommodate different nail shapes. This is a really solid and useful tool. I usually use an orange stick or my own nails to push my cuticles back, but now I have a great tool to use instead.

Embarrassingly enough, the ingrown toenail tool was the tool I was most excited about. I've been a ballet dancer for most of my life and have always had problems with ingrown toenails since I keep them trimmed so short all the time. One end of this tool has a little hook that you can use to clean underneath your toenails and the other end has an angled file that you use to file down ingrown toenails so that they don't poke into your skin. This thing is great. If you are like me and have a problem with ingrown toenails, I would definitely recommend it.

These files are all fabulous. I go through files like crazy and it's nice to have some higher quality ones at my disposal. I particularly like that the Eco Friendly File is biodegradable and the SanSation File is washable!

Okay, so I never nip my cuticles. So you would think that I wouldn't have a use for a cuticle nipper, right? Wrong. This little guy has been so helpful if I get a cut or peeling skin near my nail that I want to nip sharply so it doesn't keep peeling. These are really sharp and easy to control since they are spring-loaded.


And check out the gorgeous zebra etching on these too! 

Lastly, we have the Pedro. The Pedro has a really comfortable handle for you to use when you're scrubbing away at your feet. The first photo shows the finer side of the stone and the second shows the rougher side. I don't really have a lot of rough spots on my feet, but I did use the fine side of the Pedro and it made my heels really soft, so I will definitely use it regularly when I give myself pedis.  

Here's the rougher side of the Pedro:

So there you have it! A glowing review for incredible products. If you are interested in purchasing Tweezerman products, you can do so at You can also keep updated with them on Twitter and Facebook if you are interested.

*Product(s) in this post were provided for an honest review.*


  1. Looks nice! I love the stylish tweezer!

  2. I have most of these tools already and prefer a different point on my Tweezerman tweezers than in this kit (that's a really common thing I find for many to have their own preference on tips so makes a kit like this super hard for many to buy into). I really would like to find the cuticle pushers however - have not seen those sold individually and I use like many, an orange stick wrapped in some light cotton or my own fingernails. Like you I never cut my cuticles - don't need to, they don't grow long - I use cuticle oil and lots of hydration to keep my cuticles healthy. But like most folks, I get an occasional hang nail and my cuticle scissors are indispensable for clipping those so they don't get longer - also clipping them you are not tempted to bit off any hang=nails which is always the kiss of death. HIGHLY recommend over this foot file, one you can get at Sally's that is called Swedish Fot (not a typo - meaning foot but spelled Fot) file..and get the original in red and not the copy that is cheaper in green. I went through so many foot files for my heals in the years - they all would last a month or so and then the grit was gone. I have had my Swedish Foot File for longer than I can recall - serious - like 10+ yrs and it never gives up the grit yet it does not saw off your dead skin either. It's also washable and sterizaliable. I like the idea of the kit here all in one in a keeper so that you can grab your tools and not have them tossed here and there.

    1. Beachgal: Sally Hansen makes a really nice, metal, double ended cuticle pusher like the one in this kit. I got mine at Meijer (I'm in Michigan) for $5-6. Ulta might carry them too.
      p.s. Thanks for the Sally tip on the foot file, I'm for sure going to pick one up!

    2. I was at CVS today looking for a set of nippers and they had a Sally Hansen duo pack that had both the nippers and the metal pusher together for $22. Why are those dang nippers so pricey?? Tweezerman ones were like $42 at Ulta!!


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