Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Hungry Asian Swatch Spam!

Hiiiiii guys! Today I have some awesome swatches for you from an Etsy seller called The Hungry Asian! :) The founder of The Hungry Asian polishes, Kae, was kind enough to send me some of her beauties to review for you all! Let's start, shall we? First up is Sneeze Breeze, a very unique and original polish consisting of blue and black glitter. I used two coats here over Zoya Robyn; it does get a little rough, so make sure you have a good top coat to even it all out (I used Seche Vite for all of these).

Next is Vote for Purple, an awesome purple and silver glitter. Here I have it layered over Zoya Kendal and I was seriously not expecting to like this as much as I do! I love the mix of the really tiny glitter and the larger glitter pieces. Vote for Purple is really shimmery!

Pony really impressed me as well. Duh, it's a purple! It's a mix of different shades of purple but the glitter appears to be all the same size. I layered Pony over Zoya Mira, but I think it would look really awesome over a white or a light purple, or even a yellow, as well!

Sea Creature is my favorite of the bunch! I layered it over Essie Go Overboard for this mani and it completely won me over. It spread out perfectly and wasn't all that gritty; top coat smoothed it out completely. I really don't have any teal glitters, so I'm really excited to add Sea Creature to my collection!

Last but not least is Twenty Ten, which is comprised of red and blue glitter in a black jelly base. I layered it over an opaque black cream because I'm not totally on the jelly-train yet :P I really, really am a fan of this one too. I don't usually like wearing black polish very often, but this is such a cool twist on black! All in all, I would strongly recommend that you go and check out The Hungry Asian and get at least one to try! Would you like the link again for easy clicking? Here you go!

*Product(s) in this post were provided by the company for my honest review.*


  1. OMG I am really impressed aswell, they are all such beauties! Those Indie Polishes are really rocking the place, huh? I hope they keep up their good work!

  2. Vote for purple and Sea Creature look pretty good!! ^^

  3. oh my god the 4th is so beautiful!!!! and I also love th 2nd !

  4. Sea Creature is gorgeous on, isn't it. Twenty 10 is my next one to try xx

  5. These are sooooo pretty!! I love the adorable bottles, too! XD

  6. I ordered most of these from her a few weeks ago. I really need to try them. So pretty!

  7. Vote for Purple is fabulous! Love it over the light purple.


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