Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sally Hansen Calypso Blue

This polish always caught my attention in stores, but every time, I convinced myself that I had too many blues as it was and that I didn't need another. I was wrong on two counts: 1) You can never have enough blue polish and 2) Calypso Blue was one that I needed!

Calypso Blue is a gorgeous ocean blue polish with a flash of green shimmer within it. I used three coats here and I was able to do them very quickly thanks to the wide brush in the Complete Salon Manicure bottles. I decided to do some quirky nail art with the SH nail art pen that I also received. I love these pens; they make freehand designs so much cleaner and easier to accomplish. I had two issues with this one: it was a little thin, I should have gone over a couple spots a second time to get better coverage and it cracked in a few places. I'm not sure if this is a result of something I did wrong or if it was a defect with the polish in the pen, but regardless, the pens are useful little tools for anyone who is interested in creating their own nail art and I will definitely keep using them. 

*The product(s) in this post were provided by the company mentioned for my honest review.*


  1. Wow I love the swirl designs! Reminds me of New Zealand for some reason :P

  2. love the colour, the designs as well! they look like psychedelic nails!

  3. I just love that blue. Also, the shape of your nails, I am trying to get the same one, hopefully my nails will be long enough soon :)

  4. Beautiful blue, no wonder it caught your eye! :D


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