Monday, May 28, 2012

Polished Perfection Swatches

Are you all ready for some more pretty indies? Well, it's your lucky day because I have some! These beauties are from Courtney at Polished Perfection and let me tell you, they are perfection! The colors I have to show you are six new ones that are now available on her Etsy shop!

Up first we have two coats of S.O.L. layered over OPI Flower to Flower. I liked this combo a lot; it's so fun, girly, and blingy! S.O.L. has a really interesting glitter combo... It has bar, hex, round, and diamond shaped glitters that are all really reflective. The glitter was surprisingly easy to apply as well.

Here we have Gamera over SpaRitual Twisted Vine. Gamera has a very similar composition to Grapefruit Sorbet, which you'll see later on in this post. It's packed with shimmer and has a bunch of iridescent flakies in it. I love polishes like this; they are fantastic because you can layer them and create new looks with polish that you already have.

This sparkly red beauty is called Servo. I have it layered over Zoya Carey for this swatch and I am loving this combination! I couldn't figure out what to layer Servo over at first, but the gray jumped out at me as I was scanning my polishes and I knew it would be a winner. This was two easy coats.

Tide Pool... mmmm... this is a gorgeous mix of aqua and silver glitter, as well as some silver diamond and bar glitter. I layered two coats of Tide Pool over Essie Go Overboard. Go ahead and swoon, I know you want to!

Next we have Crow, an interesting mix of black and gold glitter. You're seeing two coats here over China Glaze Life Preserver. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what to layer Crow over, but I think it looks pretty neat over this orange.

Grapefruit Sorbet is a very pretty layering polish with lots of shimmer! I have it layered here over Zoya Jana (pinky and middle) and Petra (ring and index) to show you what it looks like over both a light and dark shade. Grapefruit Sorbet also has iridescent flakes mixed it with the shimmer, giving it a really neat finish.

*Product(s) in this post were provided for my honest review.*


  1. Servo is my favourite, I love red glitters :)

  2. Servo is also my favorite and I love the combo your made with Carey!! it's gorgeous! I also love Tide pool and your combo with SOL is super pretty. I kept looking at your picture of it at least 5 min!!

  3. Servo over Carey is a really good combination :)! Tide Pool might be my fave though!

  4. Все маникюрчики понравились!очень здорово!


  5. I want the MST3K collection so bad. I love Mystery Science Theater!

  6. SOL is lovely! Looks beautiful over pink :-)

  7. omg they're all named after mst3k arent they?!?!?! that is amazing!

  8. Love the grey/red combo! And of course the teals, Mmm, my fave! I looked at Essie Overboard at CVS this morning and put it I see I need it!

  9. that diamond glitter is gorgeous <3


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