Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Top Five Favorite Fall Polishes

I know we're still a few weeks out from it being "technically" autumn, but lately I've been so in the mood for fall colors that I decided to put this post together. These are my top five absolute favorite polishes to wear during the fall. I do have a lot of other shades that I enjoy wearing around this time, but I find myself reaching for these five very frequently every year.

OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest is a super dark, super shimmery blackened shade of garnet. The formula on my bottle is incredible and covers great in two coats.

Essie Very Structured is kind of my "wild card"; I never expected to like this dark pumpkin spice shade, but I actually love it! I'm wearing two coats.

A England Dorian Grey is an absolutely stunning gunmetal grey metallic. Two easy coats are all you need.

Zoya Monica is a stunning aubergine crème. I have such a thing for purples and I wear this all the time, fall or not. The formula is fantastic and it covers perfectly in two coats.

A England Tess D'Urberville is one of my all time favorite shades. This deep, dark shimmery green is absolutely breathtaking! I'm wearing two coats.

What's your favorite fall polish? Did it make my list?

Saturday, August 22, 2015

OPI Hawaii: Swatches/Review of My Favorites

Are you hanging onto the shred of summer like I am? Wearing your tropical maxi dresses one last time? Soaking up the warmth before the temperature starts dropping and the leaves start turning? I can't say I'm not excited for that (I love fall!), but I'm not quite ready to give summer up just yet. So today I have my favorites shades from the OPI Hawaii collection to share the summer spirit with you.

Do You Take Lei Away? is a lovely milky beige cream shade. I love wearing shades like this every other week or so in the summer to kind of cleanse my palette from all the bright shades I wear. This is two coats.

That's Hula-rious! is an awesome light minty green polish which covered well for me in two coats.

Go With the Lava Flow is a gorgeous shade of pink that reminds me of hibiscus flowers. What made this one a favorite is the stunning blue shimmer in it! I just love shades like this. I'm wearing two coats and the formula was perfect. 

Aloha from OPI is a searing hot shade of coral that leans far to the red side, but with just enough pink to make me love it. Wear this to the beach if you want to stand out! Two coats here.

Is Mai Tai Crooked? is a light mango orange polish. I find that most orange polishes give me a Halloween vibe, but this one does a good job of staying in summer territory. The formula wasn't the best here, but I got away with two coats.

Hello Hawaii Ya? is a beautiful dusty shade of lilac that was excellent in two coats. You know my favorites list had to include a purple! :P

OPI released this collection in the spring, but you should still be able to find it now (possibly even on clearance!). Which shade was your favorite?