Thursday, June 30, 2011

OPI Princesses Rule!

Here I have OPI Princesses Rule!, a lovely pale pink shimmer polish. For these photos, I did three coats and as you can see, it is still pretty sheer. I suppose you could get it opaque enough if you used another one or two coats. However, since it is so sheer, Princesses Rule! makes a great base color for a french manicure and the shimmer makes it nice and glitzy ;).

After wearing it alone for a day, I naturally got bored with it, so I tried out some new nail art polishes from Jordana...

It's pretty boring as far as nail art goes, but I think it looks really pretty anyway. It reminds me of those long fake eyelashes. The Jordana nail art polishes are available at Kmart for $1.99 and they are great! I'm planning on going back to try some of their regular polishes soon.


  1. ohhhh! it's so pretty! It reminds me I have Princess Rule but haven't used it so often...what a shame! It looks gorgeous on you! your nails are really pretty!

  2. This color is so soft and delicate, something I would wear ;)


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