Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Julep Olivia

I've wanted to try more tape manis soooo bad lately, so I ordered striping tape from Hong Kong and after a few weeks of waiting patiently (riiiiight), my package finally came! Julep Olivia also came in the mail today, so I decided to use it in my abstract tape design mani. 

I did two coats of Olivia on all my nails except my ring nail, on which I applied one coat of Color Club Perfect Mol-ten. My bottle of Olivia was a little thick, so I added some polish thinner and it applied perfectly after that. I cut up some pieces of striping tape, arranged them randomly, and painted one thick coat of Olivia over them. I'm so happy with how this turned out and I can't wait to do more manis like this! 


  1. Very nice!! Your nails look great! :D

  2. I love it. Can you show us how you did it? I want to try it. I'm in love with Julep, my pocket...not so much. I'm waiting for my next box to finally get here.

  3. I am loving that brown!!! My fave! I have got to get some of that tape!! This really is very cool!


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